A downloadable Open Fighting for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Open Fighting is my first ever game created.

Open Fighting is a 2 player action game where you can use your special power up to shoot at each other (in the current stage of the game). 

Two fighters are there who are "Kree" and "Bee" which are free sprites you can download from "Asset Bakery

Keys : 

Kree :

Move Up - W
Move Down - S
Move Back - A
Move Front - D
Special Power - F
Bee :

Move Up - Up arrow 
Move Down - Down arrow
Move Front - Left arrow
Move Back - Back arrow
Special Power - Enter

Shoot at each other until one drops his health to zero!

The game will be freely available and the feedback will be highly appreciated guys, since it's my first ever project in game development and really looking forward to improve myself to deliver better products in future :D  

Also, for the ones who seek the source code, you can find it in my github

Install instructions

  • Just download and, double click and execute the jar file to play!


OpenFighting 11 MB

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